“My name is Nancy Sanchez. I first want to say I’m very grateful for Nidal, and I am very impressed and thankful for his knowledge when it comes to holistic healing. Nidal is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met when it comes to this subject, and not only is he an expert in Holistic healing, but he is constantly learning new and improved ways to help me out.

Since taking all Nidal’s subscribed holistic healing methods, my overall well-being has improved tremendously. My sleep has improved, my moods are better, my weight has been at my goal weight, and the most important thing, is that the tumor in my brain has shrunk. This was confirmed in my most recent MRI. I’m very blessed and grateful for the knowledge I received from Nidal, and it has been nothing but an amazing experience. Thanks again.”

– Nancy Sanchez  

“I have known Nidal for years. Nidal’s youth transformation is no short of miracle. I never met anyone with as much passion and knowledge about healing and helping people with cancer, and many other health issues.

As an athlete, myself, I have used both Youth Plus and Youth Pm since the beginning, and they’re quite superb. I have so much energy and feel great throughout the day, have been having the best sleep at night, and wake up all refreshed.

It’s been nothing short of a life transforming experience to learn from Nidal, use Live Younger solutions, and follow Nidal’s transformative lifestyle.”

– David A

“I started taking both YouthPlus and YouthPM in May 2019. I haven’t slept better in a long time, or felt as much energy and focus the next morning. 

Nidal’s experience and knowledge in holistic health and cell renewal is quite impressive. I am introducing Nidal to my friends and investors, and I’m totally excited by the difference he’s making in my life and those around him. 

I very highly recommend all what Live Younger has to offer. Everybody should do it!!!”

– Gwenn E

“We both go to same gym. Nidal’s impressive own transformation over the years can’t be missed. Like everybody else, I always wanted to learn Nidal’s secret, and I am totally intrigued by Nidal’s knowledge about cellular health, the Live Younger lifestyle, and how he makes it all sound intuitive and easy to understand and follow. All I had to do was just ask!!!!

I’ve been on the Live Younger transformative lifestyle and products since December 2019, to restore my youth on the cellular level. I never felt better, more focused, or higher energy. 

Already introduced Nidal to a doctor friend of mine, my sister, and my wife, and we’re all grateful for all the help and difference he made in our life.

Can’t wait to introduce Nidal to my community, and invite Nidal on a tour to promote health and healing in my home country India. It’s been Amazing!!!!!! Thank you”

– Anil Patel