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Natural Sleep Aid


YouthPM is a Holistic, All Natural, Daily Supplement for Quality Sleep. YouthPM helps the body fall back into its natural cycle of wake and rest, gaining the best benefits from a restful night's sleep.


  • Promote Sleep Quality
  • Accelerate Weight Loss
  • Boost Cell Regeneration
  • Restore Cellular Health

Weight Loss Supplement


YouthPLUS is an exclusive and proprietary formula that boosts health at the cellular level and helps you stay active and focused all day. Its primary function is to support your weight loss journey through ingredients targeting cholesterol.


  • Accelerate Weight Loss
  • Promote Sleep Quality
  • Boost Energy
  • Boost Cell Regeneration
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Other Products
Slow aging
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My Journey to Youth

A few years back, I was working long hours setting up new businesses. Although I tried to exercise regularly and ate well for the most part, my health was not where it should have been. Despite my best efforts, I still felt out of shape, drained, and run-down most of the time. To put it simply, I felt old. I wanted my youth, body, energy, and vitality back - and was willing to try anything to do it.

I consulted with many friends who were doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts, but was told time and again that “age cannot be reversed.” Being the stubborn optimist I am, in my mind, it was: challenge accepted.

And so began my incredible journey around the world, exploring Eastern and Western medicine, cultures, traditions, and ancient healing practices for the secrets to a youthful life. Through my relentless pursuit, I discovered the powerful, natural ingredients that now form the foundation of our YouthPM and YouthPLUS supplements.

Today, at 60 years old, I feel more vibrant and youthful than ever. As the Age Reversal Guru and founder of Live Younger, I am proud to share these life-changing products with you.

– Nidal Sakr, Age Reversal Guru and Founder of Live Younger

  • My name is Nancy Sanchez, and I’m 52 years old. I have been taking YouthPM for over 2 years now. I never slept better, had more energy the next day, or felt more upbeat. I am active and fit. YouthPM helped maintain my desired weight without any need for dieting.

    Nancy Sanchez, 52

  • I have known Nidal for over 5 years now, and I was inspired by Nidal’s amazing transformation. Nidal did share with me his secrets and I started using YouthPm about a year and half ago. Now I’m playing a hockey league!!! 

    Not only getting great sleep, I’m having more stamina, endurance, and energy throughout the day ever since I started taking YouthPM.

    David Ayer, 45

  • I have been having problems sleeping for years. I took YouthPM and slept without any sleep aid from the very first night. I no longer need 6 cups of coffee to get going the next morning. And my weight has never been better. Best of all I no longer worry about dieting. I seem to have much better metabolism, and less craving. I have been taking YouthPM for about 2 years now. The best supplement I ever!!!!! 

    Gwen Eckel, 48

  • I know Nidal from the gym. I witnessed Nidal’s phenomenal transformation in a matter of months. I was very much one of the first ones to take YouthPM. 

    All the extra weight melted down. I bike for over 20 miles at a time at least 3 times a week. Many of my friends are now taking YouthPM, and never felt younger or healthier.

    Ani Patel, 64

  • I have problem sleeping, and feeling tired all day. Started taking YouthPM about 6 months ago. It changed my life!!! 

    I’m falling asleep faster. Staying asleep longer and deeper, and feeling great all day. I’m at the gym everyday. Lost 18 pounds, and never felt or looked better. YouthPM is a life saver!!!!

    Erica Cianci, 38

  • I moved to California from New York over a year ago. I did have problems with sleep, energy and weight. Been taking YouthPM for about a year now. My metabolism never been stronger, weight down, energy up, cravings gone, and having the best sleep ever. 

    I stopped taking other supplements, and I’m happy with the results.

    Hannan Sayyid, 28

  • I am an athlete, and work very long hours. Never taken supplements before, until I tried YouthPM and YouthPLUS. Best sleep I ever had. My stamina, libido, and drive are off the charts!!!! I evenwork longerhourswithoutgettingtired. Mymindneverbeenclearer. Theonly supplements I will evertake!!!!!

    Filip, 25

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  • Immunity

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  • Rest

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